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Thursday 19th March.

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 Hiding planets found but may be stolen away!

Astronomers from NASA have found roughly 3,000 planets in our galaxy (the Milky Way), which are possibly habitable for life. As well as 1000 that are definitely habitable for life they found these using the Kepler space telescope- similar to the Hubble. Also, some of Jupiter’s moons - Ganymede and Europa have water, as well as Saturn’s moons -Titan, and Encaladus that also have water. However, these could not be habitable for life, as it is too cold for anything to survive. They would not be able to adapt fast enough- as they would freeze to death in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, some planets in different solar systems are very similar to Earth; which could mean that humanity could move to a different planet, when the time comes. Moreover, there could be life already there on the planets, as it might be habitable for life.

A supermassive black hole has been found, around 12. 8 billion lightyears away. This is one of the biggest black holes ever found; and has roughly 12 billion times the size of the sun. The black hole could swallow these planets, and the possible inhabitants. However, we would not be destroyed by a black hole, as the closest black hole is 9 trillion miles away, and black hole suck things in a five mile radius.

By Matthew and Conor                        


On Friday 20th March London will slowly become dark as we will experience a Solar Eclipse but you might not even be able to see it as the met office predicted the weather to be extremely cloudy due to the Smog cloud.

A solar eclipse is where the sun is covered over by the moon. This eclipse will only be at 85% on Friday and in London, the partial eclipse will begin at 8.25 am, reach its maximum obscuration at 9.31 am, and conclude at 10.41 am. We asked a science teacher at Shenfield high school what they knew about eclipses, here is what he said “A solar eclipse is when the moon moves in front of the sun and blocks its light from reaching the Earth. This is only possible because of the coincidence that although the moon is much smaller than the Sun it is exactly the right distance away to appear the same size in the sky. The moon is however gradually moving away from the Earth so eventually the moon will start to appear smaller than the sun in the sky and no more solar eclipses will occur. This will however take a very long time.” Also in the interview he said about his past experience with the eclipse in 1999 and how the clouds passed his view after traveling to see it.

But there are several problems with this eclipse tomorrow and the viewing of it.


So What is this cloud?

A toxic smog cloud full of pollution has been approaching England and has entered London. This mysterious cloud has sent Britain into a high health alert and people that have been warned that those with lung cancers or heart problems can be running a risk if they go outside. This confusing and what seems like a dangerous cloud has come from the continent. This has been produced by pollution that has been pushed into the air and has got nowhere else to go. Overtime the air stagnates and turns into a toxic cloud.

It has also been said that this can cause sore throats and itchy eyes- even to healthy people. The Department of Environment food and Rural Affairs warned people that people are worse off towards the south west of England (heading towards Cornwall). They advised people with asthma that they might need to take their pump more often but not to worry. If people are suffering these symptoms then they should go inside and reduce the amount of physical activity. People have also been directed to following their doctor’s advice. The last time this happened, emergency services said that their call outs to respiratory problems has increased. People fear that it might ruin the solar eclipse experience.

But even though all these problems are affecting us it will be something to remember as the next one will be in 11 years and then there will not be another one until 2090. We ask that you to remember to not look at the eclipse without any glasses or pin hole cameras and this is what the first aid lady at Shenfield said “If someone does come in with eye injuries, all I can do is to call their parents to take them to A&E to get their eyes checked out.” We do hope that people do not look at the eclipse as this can lead to temporary or even long time blindness.


We surveyed 10 people at Shenfield High School on their knowledge on the solar eclipse. All of the people we asked said that they are planning to watch the Eclipse but might not watch it but some of the people said that they might not as the smog cloud will be covering it. All but one person from the interview knew what the solar eclipse is. So in conclusion the majority of people are interested in the eclipse and 90% of people knew what an eclipse is. Later on we had an interview with Mrs Beckett who is an English teacher at Shenfield and how she was looking forward to the eclipse. Mrs Beckett said” I know that it will be tomorrow morning about 9.30, and that there will be a partial blocking of the sun by the moon.  I am excited because they happen so infrequently, and the last one was two days before my wedding, so it was at a significant time in my life. I am teaching year 12 period 1 tomorrow, so I will give them the opportunity to watch it with me and my solar specs if they have an appropriate way to view it!”

So in conclusion the eclipse is a time to enjoy but unfortunately we will not be able to see it clearly as the smog clouds is covering our skies. If you are going out tomorrow remember your glasses just in case you are tempted to look at it.

By Daniel and Jack


The Joys of ice hockey

Ice HockeyJoy Johnston is the first woman’s referee for ice hockey in the world, this year she is going to the middle-east to teach others about the joys of ice hockey. She has been involved with the sport for her entire life and her when we met her last year you could really see the passion she possessed for the sport as she had a lot to say and plenty of memories to share with the group.

Last year Shenfield High school had Joy Johnson visit for the BBC News school report and for this year we have asked her some questions about her progress since her last visit.

These questions provided us with proof that Joy has done a lot since we saw her, as she continues her career around the globe in order to gain other experiences and help others understand and join in with her love and enjoyment from the activity.

She said in our interview : ‘if I looked back I wish I could have taken more time to enjoy the moments and the journey of my career rather than being focussed on the future and end goals, but without the goals and focus maybe the journey would never have happened’. We think she is an incredible role model and should be looked up to so we asked her who her role model is and she answered: ‘Katherine Grainger, who is an Olympic gold medallist for rowing in the London Olympics 2012. Before her gold medal she came second in 3 previous Olympic Games but she never gave up and fought hard to get the gold’.

Overall we believe that Joy has made incredible progress throughout the year and we are all very proud of her success in everything she has achieved from refereeing in the winter Olympics to teaching others all the way in the middle-east about the Joys of ice hockey!

By: Abigail and Heather


Cook Fry’s squad selectors

Alastair Cook is angry after the board let him out of the cricket world cup.

Cook Fry’s squad selectorsA massive ‘I told you so’ came from Alastair Cook in a press conference as he was left out of World cup.

“I don’t know what’s gone on over there, and I can only speak from watching a little bit from afar, but it did look like the lads were shell-shocked from the first two games. That’s when you need real leadership to steer you through that.’’

Here are the thoughts of a young county player.

It is a bad thing Cook was sacked; he was a bad player but a good captain. Cook was sacked because of a run drought since 2013. This is the right choice seeing as he has a low strike rate, and there is only 50 over innings in ODI, whereas test is a whole different game. Cook was an inspiration a few years ago, but not now. He should be kept for test matches, but left out of ODI. He wrecked his reputation in recent press conferences.

Here are the thoughts of an England U19 girl.

It was a long time coming. Maybe they could have given him a chance at the world cup. It would have happened sooner or later anyway. Cook was sacked due to a long run of bad form. Eoin Morgan could have performed better if he had not got the role. He would have played with freedom. His reputation was made worse after the press conference, after his reputation of having low scores.

The media is gob smacked by Cook’s actions. Everyone seems disappointed.

‘World Cup woe proves they were wrong to sack me’ Alastair Cook.

Shenfield High Schools Random Act Of Kindness


RAK2015Here at Shenfield High school we aim to find out how kind we really are as a community. Two weeks ago we split ourselves up into groups within our forms and demonstrated random acts of kindness for different teachers and staff around the school for an event called ‘Random Act of Kindness Week.’ This event is about making others feel better and cheering people up anonymously.

We went around the school and interviewed staff about what nice things students did for them. Some of these things were:

  • Students gave teachers tea and cake.
  • Students used their spare (at home and afterschool) time to bake for teachers.
  • Students surprised teachers with posters and signs thanking them.
  • Teachers are also had doors opened for them throughout the entire week.

All this and more was being frequently presented to teachers and to some students.

In the video of our interviews we provided a source proof that the random asks that we performed did indeed cheer people up and make their day special. Each of the teachers and members of staff that were interviewed all claimed that they were very surprised and enlightened by all the hard work and effort put in by all the students here at Shenfield. As you can see in the clips we spoke to the teachers about how they felt and whether it made them smile or improved their day, this showed us very clearly that doing little things like making tea or holding open a door for someone really makes a difference.

To conclude as a community we came together and made people happy as a result, and we all are so proud of the amount of smiles that were spread throughout the school.

Make sure to tune in and watch the video of our interviews.

By: Abigail, Shannon, Shakira and Heather.

Canteen Crazy

Canteen Crazy The chef at Shenfield high school has revealed more and more students are ditching their pack lunches in favour of school dinners. Eating at Shenfield high school is like eating at a restaurant, there are so many students who buy food from our canteen and hardly anyone brings in packed lunches. We find that when it comes to summer, most student like to bring in their own packed lunch and sit on the field. We have spoken to our very own chefs and caterers, and have asked them a series of questions. First we spoke to Hayley one of our caterer, who has worked at our school for seven and a half years, she quoted “it’s improved, healthier and nicer food”. Then we spoke to Jackie who is another caterer who has worked at our school for sixteen years, she quoted “there are more variety and larger quantities, our chefs are better quality and make the food much healthier.”

Then we spoke to our first chef (Keith) who has recently joined us in September he quotes “the food is better than it used to be and everyone prefers chips better than other school, there not fried”. He also says that we are given two fried meals a week because that is part of our diet he also says no pastry is to be given as it’s fattening, and we are only allowed two meals with sausages a week. He gave us the fact that shenfield is the highest percentage of takings on out of twenty schools in the area, that his manager covers for. Michael our head chef has been working here for two years he said “the school menu changes two times a year, and the food is much healthier. The chef looks at the leftover food, to see if it’s hygienic enough to make other foods, as he suggests that wasting food is a criminal. If we can’t use the leftover food we throw it in the bin. We believe that food waste is poorer because people in less fortunate countries cannot afford or find food so keeping our food and using it to make healthier meals is fair and considerate.

We have interviewed some teachers and they personally think that the food provided at shenfield high school is both healthy and tasty, with reasonable prices. Our school provides two pound every day to those who need it. It lets the get a hot meal so that they have enough energy throughout the day.

Later on in the day we went to the vocational  centre to find out what food is actually going into our meals. For example we went to see the vegetables and how they are being grown. We also had a look at the herbs and the head of vocational was very passionate about the herbs. He quotes "I love growing the herbs and spices and I find it brilliant that we are connected with the schools café and that they appreciate the things that we do in the vocational centre".    

 The Messiah’s Return


The Messiah’s Return is based on the Jewish term of ‘release’, Shemitah.

Shemitah is the 7th year of the blood moon (solar eclipse), this is known as the jubilee of the blood moon and & being the lords number has allowed Christians and Jews to make different conclusions.

The blood moon to Christians and Jews is supposed to show a time of economic happiness, so this means to them they’re expecting to be debt free by the will of God.

However, the bible states in Luke 22:25 ‘And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars...’ this may’ve been one of the reasons why they have seen the solar eclipse as one a sign of Jesus returning.

This specific topic is important because it is one which is acknowledged within our society and the public deserve to be informed, because if this supernatural power is true then people should be prepared.

More so, this topic came of interest because of the society we live in and how diverse everyone and how misinformed people can be, so this is also a report of enlightenment.

Throughout the investigation we spoke to various groups of people to gather comparisons.

Firstly, we interviewed one of the senior members of staff. We asked, their views on the link between the solar eclipse and Jesus, she said “There’s no link between the Jesus and the solar eclipse”

Secondly, we asked, do you think there may be conflict because of this? “Believers could be angry for think they’re righteous for getting left behind.”

We also asked her if she’s religious, “yes I’m a Christian.”

We also asked if she felt there we any possibility that messiah will return

“I don’t think this will happen due to the warning previously said.”

We included asking her if she felt any effects from the warning of the return. “I have no worries to feel about this, I think everyone will be fine.”

The last question we asked was do you think there will be a debate stating within the government, “they will have a discussion about it but no debate will take place.”

We asked another department in Shenfield high school, the P.E department.

They had their views on the return on messiah. We asked two male teachers. They believed that the whole idea was a myth and legend and he takes himself to be a Scientologist.

They included saying that extremist may take action because of differing opinions.

They say they’re not a religious people.

They don’t think there will be a possible chance of it happening, this doesn’t affect them because they don’t believe it will happen and have no care about it.

They believe it will not be discussed within parliament due to things such as the elections happening and also economic deprivation.

We asked an amount of students in different year groups and we can clearly see a link in their answers.

They all agreed that there was no link between the solar eclipses.

There will be some kind of conflict involved between religious groups mainly from there different views towards the return but not between the parliaments because they have too much high rate of work on their hands, but if there’s too much conflict between religion then that will be a problem to solve by the parliament and so they would be brought into it, some of the conflict may imply with wars, debates, campaigns and so on which effects the society.

We asked our students if they are religious many said they are Christians and a small amount said there not.

We also asked them if they any feelings or effects on this. Some had no cares or worries for the warnings because they had no experience of knowledge about the subject of the messiah returning. Some had some worries in mind of the consequences people have to go through due to not getting chosen by Jesus.

One of the most important subject we chose to interview was the science block. We found out something interesting about the interview. The member of staff had a different point of view we had in mind of expecting he was Christian and believed# in the return of messiah. Although he believed in that he believes that there was science involved with the bible he said “all the things that have been mentioned in the bible have come true.”

Due to investigation we learnt that 90% of the people questioned were not religious and therefore they did not see the significant link between Jesus and the solar eclipse and people 99% of people believed that the government would not pay attention to religious conspiracies.

From the information gathered, we were able to make a very clear conclusion that the younger generation are completely uninformed because the nation’s leaders do not ensure children are educated about the latest religious conspiracies that may affect themselves.

7/10 people we interview found the topic quite amusing because of the fact that they don’t not understand the severity of the topic whereas a Christian or Jew will be very engaged with the topic and would be quite opinionated.

The fact that the science teacher was a very strong Christian suggest that there may be a link between science and religion and the conspiracies may just turn into fact but we never know!

Reported by Sharon and Teigan


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