Shenfield High School

The Drama Department 

  • Mr P Tulley – Team Leader of Dept
  • Mrs M Nowlan - Course Teacher
  • Mrs R Bryan – Course Teacher
  • Mrs K Garnish - Course Teacher
  • Mrs H Richardson - Course Teacher


Led by outstanding staff with many years of professional Industry experience, the Drama Department provides an enjoyable, safe environment where the students are able to express themselves, develop their communication skills, explore issues in the world around them and improve their artistic talent. Teachers provide expert training in their specialisms which include Musical Theatre, Acting and Theatre in the Community. Extensive training is given to students who show a desire to work in the arts.


Whole School Musical

Each year a variety of students from all years take part in a full scale musical. Students take on lead roles, learn lines and commit to many rehearsals across a 4 month period. This musical is an excellent opportunity for our Drama students to gain more performance experience, with our Level BTEC Performing Arts students also taking on the direction of certain scenes. Our Year 11 Level 2 BTEC students have provided set, costume, make up design and Stage Management as part of their course as well as taking on lead roles. Our Music Technology students produce the sound and work with the staff to create a professional technical theatre team known as Shen –Tech. The X Band which is student led provide the live sound, contributing to the professional experience.

The musical is an inclusive production where every child is given an opportunity to be on stage and perform. Students who have taken part in the musical have made excellent friendships and created positive relationships with staff and students during the intensive theatrical experience. It is a chance for talented students across the year groups to join together in a fun and engaging project, that develops their performance and communication skills.

Anti-Bullying Day and Theatre in Education

Each year our Level 2 and 3 BTEC Performing Arts students run an Anti Bullying Day for Years 3 -6 in our main hall. Students create a variety of plays focussing on an element of bullying with an educational message. Primary Schools from around the area are invited to take part and join in with hot seating and Drama workshops. Each year the day has been a roaring success and the schools have enjoyed being part of the experience.

Our Year 10 GCSE Drama students create Theatre in Education performances tailor made for Years 5 and 6. The themes of these pieces range from Bullying to Road and Internet Safety. Students create, direct and perform their pieces as part of their course.

Lower School Play

Each summer in July our Year 7,8 and 9 students perform a play aimed at younger audiences. Recent years have included The Demon Headmistress, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Alice, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins.

This is a fantastic opportunity for younger students to shine and take on lead roles with script to learn. The students perform in a matinee performance for surrounding Primary Schools and the evening to their friends and family.

Arts in the Community / Primary Liason

Performing Arts – Primary induction Proposal

The Drama Department at Shenfield High school is dynamic, energetic and a very successful part of the school and we provide a variety of courses and expertise for our students which are studied in a safe, friendly and well equipped performance environment. 

We offer many performance opportunities for our own students and we would love to extend an invite to your school to collaborate with your students and create strong links, which will unlock the creative potential of  your students and widen the experience of our own.

Collaboration Opportunities Include:

Anti Bullying day - (November)

This is a chance for Years 3 and 4 to come to our school and explore this key area. Shenfield High School performing arts students support the session. There is a performance and interactive drama workshop for all the students to participate in.

GCSE Pantomime / Theatre in Education Tour - (XMAS)

Our GCSE students  will create, as part of their GCSE Drama course,  either a pantomime or a Theatre in Education piece of theatre (dependant on the unit studied) This new, original piece of Drama will be toured to primary schools and performed on site for years 3 – 6.

Whole School Musical

Each year all budding actors from Shenfield get together to create a huge musical, bringing together the creative arts departments to bring a visual and musical spectacle for audiences to watch. We offer a primary school matinee performance for up to 300 students to have their own personal viewing in our school hall.

Lower School Play

Students from Years 7,8, and 9 will create a performance of a traditional play and we invite primary school students to attend a matinee performance in our school hall.

BTEC Performing Arts Sixth Form - Joint projects

We would love to come and work with your students to create some joint theatre projects with our oldest Performing Arts students. We would love to embark on a Page to Stage project. Our students would come and write an original script with primary school students with a view to bringing it to life in a performance at Shenfield High school.

Gifted and Talented Drama Students

We invite your Gifted and Talented students to attend some Drama practical workshops alongside our own Drama G and T students to develop teamwork, communication and imagination.

We also invite specialist groups to come to Shenfield High School to deliver specific workshops for our students and we would love to extend the invite to your Gifted and Talented students in Year 6.

Summer School

A 3 / 4 day Devising Experience for Primary students to come and create an original piece of Drama with our specialist staff culminating in a full-scale drama performance to parents and friends.

Year 6 Induction Day - Our G and T and 6th form students to run workshops and present small performances devised around the theme of attending Secondary school to help smooth the process and help to promote Drama and performing arts at Shenfield High School.

National Theatre Connections

The National Theatre Connections Project is one of the most rewarding experiences a young performer can have without being a professional actor. Shenfield High School has taken part in this competition and has consistently been awarded a chance to perform in a West End Theatre in London. Students involved have built upon their performance skills during rehearsals and developed valuable teamwork skills when working with students across the age range at school and also working with professional Directors, Stage Management and Front of House teams at the chosen venue.

In March 2010 Shenfield High School was represented at The Soho Theatre in London where a group of students from Years 9 – 13 performed their version of ‘Too Fast’. The cast and I spent a great deal of our own time including days in half term, lunchtime and after school rehearsing for the performance and this commitment was rewarded with an unquestionably skilled performance.

The students received extremely positive feedback from the Production Team at the Soho Theatre and they were overwhelmed by the comments they received from members of the audience. It was an extremely proud moment for myself, the students and Shenfield High School Drama department.

“Your kids were great, lovely to work with. They gave an excellent performance of Too Fast, but just as importantly they were lovely to work with – a credit to themselves, their school and their families. Please pass on my thanks to them…..And of course, you’ll be top of our list when we’re looking for talented groups to get involved in anything we have coming up!” Don McCamphill, Education Producer at The Soho Theatre

In 2013 we performed “I’m Spilling My Heart out Here” By Stacey Gregg took place almost every night and lunchtime with our Year 13 students assisting me with the direction.

Giving our students the opportunity to be part of a national competition gives them a sense of importance, self-respect and a strong work ethic.

It is a great way for Shenfield High School to be promoted to a wider audience and to celebrate the talented students that we nurture here.