Shenfield High School


The Music Department


  • Mr C Carter - Team Leader: Music
  • Mr J Sands - Teacher of Music
  • Mrs R Sands - Teacher of Music


The Music department here at Shenfield High School is a busy, thriving environment where students can build on their theoretical and practical knowledge of music. We encourage our students to have fun and be creative from composition to performance. We provide a large range of extra-curricular clubs, which provides them with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, something we feel, is invaluable. We make music accessible to every student, allowing them to express themselves fully while building on key skills necessary for the future.




Music Concerts


At Christmas, Easter and before the Summer holidays, the Music department holds a concert to showcase the work and dedication put in by the students of each Extra-Curricular club. GCSE Music performance course students also perform, allowing them to put their knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience in front of an audience.


Extra Curricular Clubs

We run a wide variety of music clubs both for advanced players and complete beginners. Below is a link to our timetable of weekly clubs.


Extra Curricular Timetable 2019-20