Shenfield High School

Congratulations to everyone involved in a brilliant sports day. It was the best participated in event for many years with all events filled and some truly outstanding performances. Students behaved impeccably throughout the day and the positivity towards each race was so inspiring. School records were also beaten by Deniro Pinto, the Year 7 boys relay and the Year 9 girls relay! With these records 53 years old they are not beaten easily so these students can be very proud of their achievements. Mr Thomas will update these records on the school website in the coming weeks.

The overall results were:

4th Mildmay 806

3rd Vaughan 813

2nd Harry 845

1st Lucas 887

Congratultions to everyone who contributed to these points but especially the athletes doing the 800 and 1500m on a warm day!
Shenfield Spirit in abundance from staff, students and parent supporters!