Shenfield High School

Opportunities at the Shenfield Cricket Academy continued to flow as Catherine Dalton, a product of a world renowned bowling coach Ian Pont comes in to pass on her extensive knowledge. Catherine who plays for Halsted CC, Middlesex Ladies and Ireland is helping to coach the Academies up and coming fast bowlers. With a much changed bowling action and a strong focus on biomechanics, Catherines knowledge is invaluable. Although the 'four tent pegs' are not compulsory in a bowling action, each certainly have their benefits with the majority of the worlds leading bowlers performing them on a regular basis.

Catherine has lead two one and a half hour sessions with a third to come. The Academy have learnt the importance of allignment and how this helps them to bowl not only faster but more accurately. These invaluable sessions have already shown improvements, not only in actions but thought processes too. All professional Cricketers think and analyse their own games in great details and those in the Academy that have aspirations of this are taking such responsibility. These sessions will then enable extensive practice and remodelling over the winter, ready for the 2016 season.

When the Academy return they will then be put through their paces by Essex CCC lead S&C coach Conner Browne who has now been training the Academy for 3 years. These sessions will focus on building up strength over the winter with a strong focus on movement efficiency. By the time Christmas comes and goes the Academy will have all the building blocks to become a significantly better Cricketer. Lets hope this can translate into a successul 2016 season.