Shenfield High School

Sports Day 2013

On Thursday 11th July Shenfield High School hosted our annual Sports Day. Due to extremely hard work of the PE Department and other members of staff, the set up took place the day before on the back field. This was a real team effort which took a lot of co-ordination from various members of staff.

On Thursday morning the sun was shining, ready for another successful Shenfield Sports Day. The staff and students were in good spirits and ready for the competitive day ahead. The morning events consisted of 1500m, long jump, triple jump and javelin. Students showed excellent organisation by getting to their events on time, coming prepared with the correct equipment.

After lunch, all students ventured over to the back field to sit in their house pens. The behaviour of students was fantastic, and everyone seemed to be getting into the spirit of the day. All students were sat down to support their houses as the first race began; year 7 boys 100m. Lucas started off on a high as Lewis Ridley took first place for his house. From then on, students were allowed to wander around to the different events and support their peers. The track events run smoothly, with some outstanding individual performances in various races. A highlight was Austin Whitmarsh’s tremendous effort in the 800m race and the fantastic support he got from the crowd! In addition, some of our athletes managed to get their personal best in certain events, demonstrating the effort and commitment throughout the day.

Meanwhile the field events were taking place around the back field site. Sophie Clark showed off her javelin skills, and was just 35cm short of the School record! Harrison Jordan and Tommy Smith demonstrated their strength in discus. Tug of war was on an all-time high this year, and Mr Macdonald commented on what an electric atmosphere there was!

As always, the day ended with the house relays. This was a great display of athleticism from students as their showed teamwork and determination running for their houses. The year 7 girls put on a fantastic display of speed as they finished their relay in a speedy time! Vaughan year 9 boys gained first place, as well as the year 10 girls – who made history by beating the school record by one second!

To round of a fantastic day, it was time for the staff relay. Mr Sapsford beating Mr Bennett in the last leg of the relay was a highlight, especially as Mr Bennett fell in despair as he tried to take out Mr Sapsford! The winning staff team held their title from last year… made up of Mr Goodacre, Mr Shearing, Miss Leborgne and Mr Crump!

After this it was time for the presentations.

Year 7 winners – Harry
Year 8 winners – Vaughan
Year 9 winners – Vaughan
Year 10 winners – Mildmay
Overall winners – Vaughan

Congratulations to our students on another successful Shenfield Sports Day!

The only winner was sport!!