Shenfield High School

The chosen four boys from year 7 made the short trip over to Brentwood School for the district gala. This was their first gala however they didn't let this phase them, with all 4 boys putting in excellent performances in their respected strokes. Josh Mason ran the Brentwood boys the closest in his backstroke event, Theo Wheadon aquitted himself brilliantly in by far the most vigorous stroke, the butterfly finishing 3rd. The diminutive Ryan Patterson performed exceptionally in his front crawl race and if it wasn't for his dive to start he almost certainly would have won! Finally and not least of all, the equally diminutive Sam Gray performed superbly in his breast stroke event, finshing a respectable 3rd.

In the relay events all the boys again swam beyond expectations which lead to them finishing a second only 5 points behind the hosts, most of which have established swimmers that train daily.

A great effort by the boys, bring on St Martins on Monday.

Mr Bennett