Shenfield High School

Top row (L to R) – Abbie Wallis, Kathryn Leggatt, Katie Pounder, Bryony Elsworth, Lydia Smith, Charlotte Timson, Millie Law, Hope Kanor

Bottom row (L to R) – James Ginn, Marc Carter, Harry Mullender, Kyle McGill, Jack Oliver, Joe Todd, Charlie Parker

On Tuesday 5th February, 15 Shenfield High School Sports Leaders attended a Primary School Indoor Athletics Competition held at Becket Keys. As always, the students were smartly dressed, proving to be excellent ambassadors for our school.

The Primary School competition is organised by the Shenfield School Sports Partnership. Across 3 days, 10 schools come along and compete in various track and field events. Our Shenfield students were there as leaders for the younger students, helping to organise and run the different events.

Two or three leaders were allocated to the stations, and their task was to register the Primary students, explain the rules and demonstrate where necessary. Once the competition was underway, the Shenfield leaders were in charge of recording results and helping the event to run as smoothly as possible – and what a fantastic job they did!

 Shenfield High School students received lots of compliments on the day about their conduct and the way they represented our School. Well done!