Shenfield High School

What is ‘PREP’?

‘PREP’ is what we do with the information we have learnt during the school day and how we prepare for the next day of learning. Evidence suggests that we only retain 50% of the information we learnt yesterday and after a week, we only retain 10%. The only way we can move the information we have learnt into the long-term memory is through re-visiting the information 4 or 5 times over a number of weeks/months.

Traditionally, homework was set after a topic or section of learning. It would be completed and then the next topic would begin. Whilst the homework was helping to re-inforce the learning, it did not encourage re-visiting the information until exam preparation time.

FACT: Revising two or three weeks before the exam does not allow enough time for information to pass into the long-term memory.

FACT: New GCSE & A Level exams have more content to remember.

In order to improve learning retention we are encouraging students to ‘PREP’ each evening after school. The focus of the time should be on the learning from the day and learning from the previous week, month and/or year.

‘PREP’ is short for PREPARE:

  • Plan your time,
  • Re-read, Re-draft, Recite, Re-test, Research, Rehearse & Record
  • Essential Facts, Figures & Formula, Essay Model Answers
  • Practice Questions
  • Answers & Mark Scheme
  • Review & Reflect on your progress
  • Enjoy your future success

Each department provides PREP on Go4Schools and the X:Student Drive. This year we are also providing a PREP Newsletter each half term to give a full overview of what is expected in each subject.

Students should use the resources to PREP each evening and review any areas that they still don’t understand. If students require feedback, help or guidance with their prep, they are encouraged to visit their teacher in a PREP Drop-In time.

CLICK HERE – For the PREP Drop-In Timetable

Regular ‘PREP’ will lead to successful exam and assessment results.