Shenfield High School

Social Science

Social Science is taught to all students in Years 7 – 10.

Philosophy and Aims:

  • to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding to play an effective role in society.
  • to help you to become an informed, thoughtful and responsible citizen, who is aware of their duties as well as their rights.
  • to encourage your spiritual, moral, cultural and possibly religious development.
  • to show you the benefits of playing a helpful part in both your school and wider community.
  • to encourage you to respect different cultural, national and religious groups.
  • to develop your ability to think about local, national and international political and religious  issues.
  • to help you make effective decisions about your future career and study options.
  • to help you to lead emotionally and physically healthy lifestyles.

The course will involve the following areas of study:-

Key Stage 3

Knowledge and understanding of the key historical events, beliefs & practices of major religions in accordance with the Essex Agreed Syllabus.

Personal, Social & Health Education which includes accurate and up to date information about the risks and legal aspects of legal & illegal drug taking & sexual health and relationships education.

Careers Education and Guidance supporting future planning around KS4 Option Choices.

Knowledge and understanding of the political and legal systems in the UK.

Key Stage 4

Pupils follow a general course covering life choices, ethics and decision making, careers and choices. The course includes reference to those skills needed for GCSE courses, such as literacy, writing in detail and evaluation skills.

Key Stage 5

Students have a wide range of choices for KS 5 courses in Social Sciences. We run A levels in Law, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. We also offer a BTec Health and Social Care as a single or a triple course.  

In Philosophy, pupils study units in epistemology, moral philosophy, dualism and religious philosophy. This involves questioning knowledge and thinking in a new and exciting way about life’s questions.


We have an extensive range of differentiated books covering religious, ethical, social, political & health issues. We use a variety of drama documentaries and topic relevant films.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 7

3 lessons per fortnight

What is Citizenship?

Introduction to explore everything we do in the department


Explore the Christian faith

Body Image


Body image

Impact of media


  skills for life and the workplace

“World Beliefs” or “Beliefs” unit

Intro to beliefs and guide to world faiths and practices and beliefs

Year 8

3 lessons per fortnight

Discrimination and Rights

Human rights, immigration

freedom, justice,


Rule of Law in GB

How the government works?

Nicky Cruz

Early part of book

Christianity and conversion

Life choices

Leading into faith in Action

Start with Nicky, then move on to other examples of those who have based their lives on their faith / belief


Big questions in life

Life after death

Is there a god?



Health Education?

Tobacco, alcohol

Peer pressure

Illegal drugs and legal highs

drugs  in the media

drugs and sport

Year 9

2 lessons per fortnight

What is morality?

How do we make decisions


Crime and punishment


laws and rules, rule of law, Respect for justice, democracy and the rule of law

Careers/decision making

Access to employers

Having the right skills for the workplace

Y9 options this half term

Health Education


Sexual health and relationships education

Money Management

Personal budgets

Adult finances

Issue of debt

Year 10

2 lessons per fortnight


moral issues unit

matters of life and death




A range of PSHE issues which suit this older age group

Active Citizenship

doing something for the school community

competition or fundraising

Last year did First Aid

Study skills unit

Prep for y10 exams

growth mindset ideas

Study skills and how to revise?

First Impressions

How you come across for KS4 and Post 16

Careers unit

Personal careers research and the preparation needed for the careers events this term


Syllabus:  Edexcel

Course Title:  Religious Studies GCSE - Units 1 and 8