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Drama KS3:

At Shenfield High School students have the opportunity to study Drama from Year 7 all the way up to Sixth form. Areas of focus surround an enriching and engaging curriculum outlining the development of drama skills and techniques throughout KS3. Students can expand their imagination through theme-based topics whilst accessing vital knowledge and understanding on how to progress further through stretch and challenge tasks, performance lessons and a clear focus on reflection and evaluation. Drama studies goes beyond the classroom and students are encouraged to access available PREP tasks to inspire and enhance their learning. Alongside the curriculum students are given the opportunity to go and see live theatre performances, be involved in workshops and have access to joining extra-curricular clubs and events. 

Drama KS4:

At Shenfield High School we offer two courses at KS4. Both outlines of the courses provided are stated below. 




 KS5: We offer two Courses at Key Stage 5 level

COURSE 1: AQA A Level and Theatre Studies is a 2-year course. Please find the outline of the course below

Course 2:  BTEC Performing Arts      Edexcel


BTEC Performing Arts is a course that is open to anyone with a passion and talent for the Performing Arts Industry and who wants to be part of our Performing Arts Academy.

It is a diverse, challenging and inspiring course which will provide a real-world, professional approach to working within the world of the Performing Arts.  Students will need to be professional, reliable, talented and highly committed.  There are 4 Units in Total, 3 are mandatory and 1 is an internal option unit chosen by your subject teacher.


You will only gain entry onto this course by completing a Level 2 BTEC qualification in Performing Arts, GCSE Drama or can show significant experience in the Performing Arts.


Units included are:

  • Investigating Practitioners’ Work
  • Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance
  • Group Performance Workshop
  • Optional Unit (decided by subject teacher)


Senior Performing Arts Academy

In September 2015 we successfully launched our Senior Performing Arts Academy where students in the Sixth Form have an opportunity to participate in their own Theatre Academy where they are the stars of the show! Each week they are given two timetabled hours specifically for attending specialist workshops with outside professional theatre practitioners and Theatre Companies, acting classes to enhance their use of performance skills and rehearsals towards a final performance in the spring term. Past performances have included Bassett for the National Theatre Connections Festival performed at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, The Grille – an adaptation of Dennis Kelly’s DNA and our current performers are developing their own interpretation of ‘Girls Like That’ by Evan Placey.

The Senior Academy is designed for Sixth Form students who wish to enhance their continued Drama and Performing Arts studies with the Drama Department. The academy is also available as an extracurricular enrichment opportunity for students who have shown an aptitude and skill in Performing Arts in Key Stage 4 but may not have selected either as an academic qualification.

Junior Performing Arts Academy

Following on from the success of our Senior Performing Arts Academy, in October 2016 we ran our first Year 6 aptitude auditions for places in our Junior Performing Arts Academy which we launched in September 2016. The Junior Performing Arts Academy is now in its second year and is made up of twenty-seven talented Year 7 and 8 students who benefit every week from additional acting, dancing and singing sessions outside of their regular timetable. Even though students audition for the Academy in their strongest field (acting, singing or dance) the additional training the Junior Academy members receive is designed to enhance their performance skills across all three areas to help them become well rounded performers. Academy members are provided with ample opportunity throughout each school year to showcase and develop their performance skills, for example in the Whole School Musical, Lower School Play, termly Music Concerts and Spring Fling which all build towards their own final performance showcasing their individual and full company talent to an invited audience. Members of the Academy also benefit from masterclasses with outside practitioners, one to one audition guidance and additional opportunities to visit theatres and live shows to help develop and widen their understanding of the performing arts industry. The Junior Academy is designed for dedicated and committed students who have shown an aptitude for the Performing Arts in Year 6 who wish to develop their skills and ability further throughout their time at Shenfield High School.

Please click here for the curriculum and PREP Overview.

GCSE Syllabus:


GCE Syllabus:


GCSE Title:

GCSE Drama

GCE Title:

AS / A Level Drama and Theatre Studies