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Philosophy and Aims

The economic, social and cultural importance of the media cannot be underestimated in contemporary society.  The media generates employment; provides information; offers ideas and inspiration; allows us to communicate and express ourselves; lets people become active members of modern life and is a major form of socialising.  The media plays a significant role in every students’ life, it is their most important and time-consuming leisure pursuit, and for this reason, Media Education is essential.

For every Media and Film Studies student, our aims are to aid the development of:

  • an individual critical voice - to encourage students in their quest for personal knowledge and allow them to express their expertise.
  • an independent thinker - to ensure students are confident in their knowledge and take responsibility for their opinions.
  • an appreciation of creative, expressive and imaginative skills - to help students develop an understanding of media forms that are beautiful, clever or original and to allow them to create such forms themselves.

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GCE Syllabus: OCR Media Studies                 GCE Title H409 Media




Film Studies deepens students’ understanding of film as a significant cultural art form. The course explores the relationships between film audiences and institutions, offering a historical and contemporary critique of both Hollywood and the UK film industry.

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GCSE Syllabus: Eduqas Film Studies             GCE Syllabus: Eduqas Film Studies

GCSE Title: 603/0889/8                                 GCE Syllabus: 603/1147/2