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Sixth Form Leadership Team

2021 Ella James2

Ella James


Head student


English language, Sociology, Music


Piano, Dancing


To create a positive and inclusive environment for all students, by promoting super-curricular clubs and activities as well as supporting all students through their time at Shenfield. Also, help to develop the peer mentoring scheme and organise fundraiser events


Study speech and language therapy at university and become a speech and language therapist

Lottie Bayman

Role: Head of Attenborough House
Subjects: Btec Level 3 Business Extended Diploma
Hobbies: My hobbies are running my own beauty business and keeping active
Ideas: To help further integrate the years throughout the school and to expand the community feel at Shenfield
Aspirations: After Sixth Form I hope to attend University where I plan on studying Midwifery

2021 Lottie Bayman

2021 Sienna Daniel

Sienna Daniel


Head of Nightingale House


Law, Sociology, English Language


Creative writing and baking


Promoting recycling in school and spreading the importance of looking after the environment to students, as well as making the school a safe place for all students and allowing all students to feel included


To study law and sociology at university and become a human rights lawyer

Joshua Scales

Role: Performing Arts Ambassador
Subjects: English Literature, History and Theatre Studies
Hobbies: Creative writing and acting
Ideas: To make everyone in the school feel as comfortable as possible and to bring a sense of community
Aspirations: To work in the entertainment industry
2021 Joshua Scales
2021 Sofia Ioana Tipordei

 Sofia-Ioana Tipordei

Role: Head of Parks House
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
Hobbies: Reading books and reviewing movies
Ideas: Bring the student body together, giving more importance to food choices given at school, especially for vegetarians and vegans and many more.
Aspirations: To become successful and change the world someday.

 Sean Kitchener

Role: Head of Harry House
Subjects: English Language, History, Media Studies
Hobbies: Sports (particularly football), chess, hiking
Ideas: Encourage super-curricular activities participation for younger students; continue and develop charity work and encourage discussion and debate; communication amongst year groups and the new house system
Aspirations: After Sixth Form I aspire to study History at Cambridge to give myself the best possible opportunity to develop my skillset and offer the widest range of future prospects in regards to the working environment
2021 Sean Kitchener