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What is PREP?

All students are expected to engage in PREP. PREP is about students working independently outside the classroom to review what they have been taught and to take their learning further. PREP is short for PREPARE:

Plan your time
e-read, re-draft, recite, re-test, research, rehearse and record
ssential facts, figures and formulae, essay model answers
ractice question
nswers and mark schemes
eview and reflect in your progress
njoy your future success

Students and parents are given extensive guidance to ensure that PREP is effective. Resources are available and regular advice sessions with teachers are scheduled. We want all our students to ‘PREP’ for success.

Each department provides PREP on Go4Schools and the X:Student Drive. This year we are also providing a PREP Newsletter each half term to give a full overview of what is expected in each subject.

Students should use the resources to PREP each evening and review any areas that they still don’t understand. If students require feedback, help or guidance with their prep, they are encouraged to visit their teacher in a PREP Drop-In time.

Regular 'PREP' will lead to successful exam and assessment results.



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