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Support Policy

Level 1:              

  • Student spoken to by teacher
  • Targets Set
  • Pastoral Manager informed student is on Level 1

Level 2:     

  • Meeting with Teacher, Student and Team Leader
  • Head of Year, Pastoral Manager & Tutor informed of outcome
  • Parent spoken to by teacher

Level 3:              

  • Parent spoken to by Pastoral Manager
  • Meeting with Team Leader, Parent, Student and Head of Year

Level 4:     

  • Parent spoken to by Pastoral Manager
  • Meeting with Head Sixth Form, Team Leader, Parent and Student


Reasons the Sixth Form support policy should be used

  • Can be used by Personal Tutors and Teachers
  • Failure to submit coursework
  • Poor attitude in class, form or around the school
  • Concerns with student progress
  • Concerns with attendance

Reviewing a student on the policy

  • Progress will be reviewed every two weeks.  Pastoral Manager will email staff directly to determine if progress towards target has been made.
  • The student must move upwards or downwards on the policy as a result of the review
  • In the event that the student causes concern within the two weeks, please inform the relevant Pastoral Manager and the student will move up a level


Pastoral Manager Year 12 – Mrs Downey c.downey@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
Pastoral Manager Year 13 – Mrs Panayi e.panayi@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
EXT 262
EXT 253
Head of Year 12 – Mr Bishop t.bishop@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
Head of Year 13 – Mrs Knight a.knight@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
EXT 294
Deputy Head VI Form – Mr Macdonald j.macdonald@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
Head VI Form – Mr Cooke a.cooke@shenfield.essex.sch.uk
EXT 286
EXT 220