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Why Choose Law?

A Level Law is suitable for anyone who feels strongly about concepts like justice and equality. The course gives students a good understanding of whether they wish to pursue the subject at university. For those not aiming for a career in the legal profession, a grounding in law is valuable as it helps you to think in a very logical way by breaking down a problem into its component parts.

In Particular, A Level Law will help you to:

  • Gain an understanding of legal method and reasoning
  • Develop an understanding of how law is made and operates in the UK
  • Develop the ability to communicate legal arguments and conclusions
  • Gain an understanding of concepts such as justice and equality
  • Develop transferable skills such as analysis and problem solving

During Year 12, students gain a broad understanding of the English Legal System which includes the legal systems and processes within which the law operates. They also study Criminal Law, focusing on non-fatal offences, fatal offences, property offences and defences. Students begin to study Civil Law, focusing on topics such as Negligence and Occupiers’ Liability.

During Year 13, students study deeper concepts of law considering how law is linked to morality and justice. They also revisit Civil Law from Year 12, focusing on the tort of nuisance and defences. Students study a further topic of Contract Law, learning about requirements of a contract, contract terms and remedies.

Skills students will develop

The examinations assess knowledge and understanding as well as evaluation of the topics studied. The examinations consist of several complex scenarios which students must respond to by applying the law they have learnt and reaching a conclusion. Students will therefore develop the skills of problem-solving, analysis, and evaluation, as well as developing their oral communication through class discussions and written communication through essay writing.

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