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Philosophy and Aims

The Geography Department is part of the successful Humanities Faculty.

The Geography Department at Shenfield High School consists of specialist geographers who create a caring and motivating learning environment to make geography relevant, interesting and stimulating to learners. Our focus is to deliver an engaging and dynamic overview of geography to give pupils a wide range of contextual knowledge that will make them more aware of the world around them. We seek to make geography as relevant as possible using current, real world examples to enthuse students and encourage their interest in learning. This gives students the opportunity to explore, question and learn about their world and the world around them promoting independent enquiry critical thinking skills. As well as this we are able to cover a wide range of geographical and transferable skills that will enhance learning across the school.

GCSE Syllabus: Edexcel B             GCSE Title: Geography

GCE Syllabus: Edexcel                       GCE Title: Geography

Geography KS3 and KS4 Curriculum Overview