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Philosophy and Aims

Welcome to the Humanities faculty. We are a team of enthusiastic teachers with subject specialisms in history and geography.

Students will learn a variety of topics within history and geography. We aim to give them a rounded experience of their world and inspire them to investigate their environment, ask questions about the past and develop lively and enquiring minds. The study of Humanities allows students to place their own lives, their communities and their experiences in a wider context. Students are given the opportunity to study themes in a local, national and international context.

We have high expectations of our students and encourage them to have aspirational targets for themselves. We expect our students to approach their lessons with enthusiasm and an open mind for what they are about to discover about their world and their place within it.

The Faculty aims to meet the needs of all students and ensure students reach their potential in becoming effective contributors, confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners. We aim to work with students in Key Stage 3 to engage with their spirit of adventure, curiosity and creativity.

In years 10 and 11 we aim to develop students’ ability to apply their skills and knowledge to achieve the things they aspire to do. They will be afforded opportunities to take qualifications in the specialist humanities subjects and build on the understanding of the world that they began to develop in Key Stage 3.

In the sixth form, students have the opportunity to study history and geography at Advanced Level. Many of our students continue their academic journeys at university and pursue professional careers.