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FAQs - Thinking of applying for a Y7 place

in Shenfield High School from September 2021? 
Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

How many students do you admit each year?
We admit 240 students to Y7 each year. 

What are the criteria for admission to Shenfield High School?
Our Admissions Criteria are published on the school’s website under the Admissions tab.

What are the arrangements for gaining a place through aptitude for sport or performing arts?
We will be holding sports trials and performing arts auditions on Saturday 10th October.    places (10%) on the basis of aptitude for sport or performing arts.  Application forms can be downloaded from the school website and must be submitted direct to the school by Monday 5th October 2020. http://www.shenfield.essex.sch.uk/admissions/2021-admissions.aspx  The strongest applicants will be invited to the aptitude tests.

What subjects are taught in Y7?
Art, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, PE, Science, Social Sciences (including citizenship and RE)

How does Shenfield High School group students?
Students are placed in consistent groups for all subjects in Y7 and Y8.

What languages do you offer?
Y7 students learn Spanish and French

Do you teach Design Technology/Food?
We teach Food & Nutrition and Engineering at KS4 for GCSE.  Many concepts relevant to Engineering and Food are taught through Science in KS3. 

What is PREP?
PREP is short for PREPARE.  We expect all students to do PREP every day.  As a minimum students must review what they have learnt each day and check that they understand everything they have been taught.  They should also read for at least 20 minutes every evening.  Those who read regularly tend to do much better in their GCSEs.  There will also be specific tasks that teachers expect students to complete and other activities that students are encouraged to do to take their interest and their learning further.  We introduce PREP slowly to Y7 during the first half term and parents are invited to an Introduction to PREP evening in early October.    Parents receive a detailed PREP newsletter each half term setting out PREP in each subject.  There are PREP drop-in opportunities in each subject so students can always get help.  Doing regular PREP contributes to a student’s Attitude to Learning assessment on Go4S.

What transport is available to Shenfield High School?
We encourage students to walk or cycle if at all possible.  There is a secure cycle shed for bicycle storage during the day. 
A large number of students get to Shenfield High School by train or bus.  Shenfield station is a 10 minute walk from the school.  A number of buses serve the school and these are a combination of public buses run by Transport for London and buses contracted by Essex County Council or by parents.  The school does not run these transport services and further information can be found through the following links:

What are the catering arrangements at Shenfield High School?
The refectory is open for breakfast from 8am with a number of breakfast items for sale and free porridge.  Y7 also have a designated Y7 social time area for use at break time and lunchtime.  Food may be purchased or packed lunches eaten in this area. 

Our catering company is Pabulum.  Please follow the link for more information.

What is the school uniform at Shenfield High School?
The link to our school uniform is here.

Are students allowed to have a mobile phone and headphones in school?
Phones and headphones are not allowed in any school building and should be switched off and in a bag.  If seen or heard they will be confiscated and will only be returned to a parent/carer. Phones and headphones may be used outside buildings and in social time only - before school, at break and lunchtime – although we prefer students to interact with each other in social time rather than be glued to screens!

Are lockers available?
There are a limited number of lockers available which students can apply for.  The lockers are administered by a company external to the school.

Where can I find more information about the school?
Please explore our website.  A link to our Information Booklet is here.