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Philosophy and Aims

Success in English is vital for all pupils and the department is committed to the idea that all pupils matter and all of them need to be guided and supported fully in order to realise their potential.

The department works as a team sharing ideas and resources so that pupils can acquire the language skills that are necessary for success in the workplace. This means the ability to read with understanding, to write accurately and clearly, to express ideas articulately and to listen with concentration and sensitivity to others. These are skills not only for the workplace but for all aspects of life after school. In addition we aim to develop the creative and imaginative responses of our pupils and to foster an interest in reading a wide range of texts.

We aim for high exam results both at GCSE and at A level but recognise that English plays a major part in the cultural and moral development of pupils as they mature. It is hoped that as pupils go up through the school they will develop a more independent approach to their learning.

GCSE Syllabus: AQA for English Language (8700) and English Literature (8702)

GCE Syllabus: AQA for Language and Literature

English Curriculum Overview