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Why Choose Psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating subject.

The AQA Psychology specification offered here provides students with a broad introduction to Psychology as a Science. The emphasis is on applying knowledge and understanding and developing the skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

During Year 12, students gain a broad understanding of Psychological Approaches and Research Methods. They study key research into Attachment, Memory, Social Influence and Psychopathology.

During Year 13, a range of topic-based options bring together explanations from different approaches as well as extending the students’ understanding of Research Methods and the Issues and Debates within Psychology. The topics we study are Relationships, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

Skills students will develop

Students will acquire both academic and life skills. They have the opportunity to develop their analytical skills, write essays and produce psychological reports. They will also develop their mathematical knowledge, research skills and their understanding of how science works. These skills are all relevant and transferable to higher education courses and to the workplace.

You can download the full specification from this page:


Please click here for the curriculum and PREP Overview.

GCSE Syllabus: N/A

GCE Syllabus: AQA

GCSE Title: N/A

GCE Title: 7182