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Inclement Weather Notice

Should the school need to close at short notice due to inclement weather the following procedures will apply:

Heavy Snow Overnight

Notice of any school closure or delayed start to the school day will be posted on the school’s website and also on the school’s twitter feed. Notification will also be made on Heart Essex FM 96.3 and BBC Essex 103.5. We aim to make a decision before 7am allowing you time to make arrangements for yourself and your family.

When the school remains open during snow the final decision regarding travel to school rests with you. If you choose to keep your child at home under these circumstances you will be required to ring the school absence line on 01277 219131 to notify us.

Heavy Snow during the School day

When conditions for travel are deemed to be unsafe or deteriorating or safety on the school site cannot be maintained, a decision will be made as to when to allow students to leave and make their own way home. School buses will be called early.

Any decision to close the school during the day will again be posted on the school website and an email will be sent to parent email addresses. It is therefore important that you inform us if any of your contact details change. The school will remain open, with staff supervision, until the last child leaves the premises.

Parental Enquiries during the School day

If you are concerned about deteriorating weather or road conditions please check the website to see if we are closing. Please ensure that your child is aware of where they are to go if they arrive home early in the event of a school closure during the day.

External Examinations

If external examinations are scheduled for a day when it is necessary to close the school, the examinations will continue as planned wherever possible. Details will be communicated using the school website and school twitter feed.