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Philosophy and Aims

The Aims of the Shenfield High School Mathematics Department

• To challenge and inspire pupils so that they engage with the real-world mathematics around them.
• To instil in pupils the confidence to embrace mathematical situations independently and collaboratively, and to approach mathematics with curiosity.

Through our teaching of Mathematics at Shenfield High School we aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop their confidence and skills in Maths by engaging with problems and being thoughtful in their approach to explanations and justifications.

In the classroom, pupils collaborate with their peers and teachers. We explore the awe and wonder of the nature of Mathematics and the patterns and connections within the subject, developing the mindset that “Everyone is a Mathematician”.

Pupils are encouraged to be curious about Mathematics, querying why and how something works. A variety of tasks are used to provide the opportunity to practice and develop understanding.

We understand that pupils will be at different stages of learning with each topic and may need support to develop their understanding or to dive deeper into those concepts. Our careful selection of tasks and mathematical problems offer the opportunity to practice core skills whilst importantly developing a deep conceptual understanding of the new skills taught.

Mathematics GCSE Syllabus: Pearson/Edexcel

Mathematics A-level Syllabus: Pearson/Edexcel


Maths Curriculum Review KS3 Maths Curriculum Overview KS4