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Careers Information

Welcome to the Careers Department. All students from Year 7 to Year 13 take part in careers activities and learning as appropriate to their age. Miss A Kadem is the Careers Leader, supported by Mrs L Utton, Careers Administrator. Both staff members can be contacted in the careers office, C53, and on a.kadem@shenfield.essex.sch.uk and l.utton@shenfield.essex.sch.uk. Every 16 and 17-year-old is entitled to an offer of learning under the September Guarantee and we, as a school, ensure that all students have appropriate careers support throughout their time at Shenfield. We also work closely with Essex County Council to ensure that all students have appropriate opportunities for learning.

Shenfield High School’s Careers department work closely with Directions IAG ltd who contribute to our careers programme and are the providers of Impartial Advice and Guidance for students through one-to-one careers interviews. Please click here for access to their website.

Click here to access all current general careers resource material as well as the latest information received directly from Colleges, Universities, Apprenticeships and Jobs.

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